How to grow your business as a small business owner.

Understand how a smart POS system can accelerate the growth rate of your business.

Are you looking to start a retail store or you already have one? This article is going to discuss how you can use a POS system to not only keep track of your sales and run the day to day operations but also use analytical tools to grow your business.   

Understanding the POS system

 A POS (Point of Sale) system is comprised of two elements: POS hardware and POS software. The POS software is a digital platform that performs a sales transaction. The software may be web-based or hosted on a local server. Web-based software is mainly used by small businesses due to its affordability, usability, convenience, and security. By using cloud-based software, you are able to access your sales data and overall performance of your business from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. 

Using analytics to grow your business.

As a retailer, you always want to make smart purchasing decisions. A POS system provides valuable insights about how much inventory you sell, which products are selling more, which are not selling, which days, weeks and months are selling more, and so on. This valuable information allows you to make smart decisions and offers you an opportunity to scale your business. 

Also, a quality POS system will help you to view sales on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. By identifying the sales patterns, you will be able to see how much your average customers spend, what they buy and the payment methods they use. This information will allow you to formulate the right business strategy that targets customers’ needs. 

Importance of a POS system for your small business.

A smart POS system will allow you to monitor: 

  • The sales pattern for every product.
  • The number of discounts you give and the average amount of each. 
  • Low and high sales periods.
  • Products that are often sold together. This will help you to identify sales bundles. 
  • Best selling categories of products. 
  • Sales trend.
  • The percentage of redeemed offers. 

As your business grows,  you are able to add new locations and branches, employees and products. Your POS grows with you. 


Businesses can’t grow without the data to support expansion. So, a POS system is fundamental for business growth. Not only does it provide data, but it also helps you to make a decision from that data. 

Start growing your business with DexlabPOS today. 

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